The Robojac Standard
Completely Redesigned
Hands free masturbation system

Robojac Standard Power Unit

     Adjust suction and stroke length according to your own individual preference.

     Control speed and motion of the sleeve to suit your individual mood.

     Wired remote speed control now included at no additional cost.

Robojac is the ultimate masturbation device
for this millennium and beyond...

   This miracle of engineering operates by creating alternating air flows of suction and pressure to move a soft, pliant, translucent massaging sleeve up and down the length of an erect penis.The Robojac Standard Model has plenty of power and can drive a variety of attachmentsfor a wide range of massaging sensations and provide the ultimatein personal gratification.
   If you have tried other types of masturbation devices, then you know they all have one thing in common, they must all be manipulated by hand. The Robojac solves this problem by providing you automatic stroking action that works hands free in any position and stays on without the use of harnesses or straps.
   The Robojac is easy to use and operate. The control panel is simple in design yet effective in function. Three controls, SPEED, SUCTION and STROKE, are all that is required. Combined these simple controls can be adjusted to create a near endless range of massaging possibilities, and can be adjusted anytime during operation.
   SPEED is controlled by adjusting the variable speed control. The Robojac has a maximum speed of around 120 strokes per minute.
   SUCTION controls the amount of air flow on the negative stroke. Increasing the amount of air flow on the negative stroke regulates how far the transparent massaging sleeve will slide back on the male organ and the intensity of the suction sensation.
   LENGTH controls the amount of air flow on the positive stroke. Increasing the amount of air flow on the positive stroke  regulates how far the transparent massaging sleeve will slide forward on the male organ.
   The Robojac Standard has one port and will drive 1- male massaging sleeve.
   The Robojac is manufactured of high quality materials throughout to provide years of trouble free operation, and has been designed with utmost operator safety in mind. The semi-custom designed motor has heavy duty gearing and self lubricating bearings for years of smooth, quiet, trouble free operation.The pliable transparent massaging sleeve is molded to your from the highest quality materials, are easily cleaned with mild soap and water. It is the only contact the Robojac has to the body. The suction is regulated with a special relief valve to accommodate any adjustment position of the stroke control and allows massaging sleeve to be easily removed at any time, even if the suction control is adjusted to complete maximum position.
    Isn't it time for you to join the many satisfied users of Robojac? The ultimate in personal gratification devices. Robojac may not be for everyone but if you are among the many who like something a little different, then the Robojac could be just what you've looking for. Please order yours today.

    The Robojac Standard operates on ordinary house current 110-220 VAC 50-60 Hz. The Robojac Standard is provided with the wired remote speed control and comes with one 8ft. connection hose, one standard male massaging sleeve and lubricant.
Robojac Standard Starter System
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