Roboport Masturbation System

Robojac Roboport Power Unit
Roboport is the ultimate portable masturbation device.
   In response to numerous requests for a smaller lighter weight unit, we are pleased to introduce the Roboport portable masturbation system. This miracle of engineering operates by creating alternating air flows of suction and pressure to move a soft, pliant, translucent massaging sleeve up and down the length of an erect penis to create an endless range of massaging sensations and provide the ultimate in personal gratification.
   If you have tried other types of masturbation devices, then you know they all have one thing in common, they must all be manipulated by hand. The Roboport solves this problem by providing you automatic stroking action that works hands free in any position and stays on without the use of harnesses or straps.
   The Roboport is easy to use and operate yet effective in function. The only control needed is for stroke speed which can be adjusted anytime during operation. The stroke suction and length are factory preset to move the messaging sleeve in the range of one third to one half of it's total length.
   The Roboport is manufactured of the highest quality materials throughout to provide years of trouble free operation, and has been designed with utmost operator safety in mind. The semi-custom motor has heavy duty gearing and self lubricating bearings for years of smooth, quiet, trouble free operation.The pliable transparent massaging sleeve is the only contact the Roboport has to the body and is molded from the highest quality materials. Robojac sleeves are easily cleaned with mild soap and water.
   Isn't it time for you to join the many satisfied users of Robojac? The ultimate in personal gratification devices. Robojac may not be for everyone but if you are among the many who like something a little different, then the Robojac could be just what you've looking for. Please order yours today.
   The Roboport has one port and will drive 1 male massaging sleeve only. The Roboport operates on all standard voltages 120-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz and is supplied with the Plug-In Wired Remote Speed Control, one 8ft. connection hose, one standard male massaging sleeve molded to your measurements and lubricant.
Roboport Starter System
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