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 You may place your order using our online E-Commerce sytem or you may order by phone using our toll free order line at 844-ROBOJAC (844-762-6522). Payment for orders placed online will be processesed over a secure gateway server using Paypal Checkout. Orders placed by phone will be sent an electronic invoice via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to use Paypal Checkout or pay an electronic invoice sent via Paypal. You may use any major Credit Card or your Paypal account. We reserve the right to decline any order for any reason.

 Give your complete name, your complete street address and apartment number (if applicable), along with your city, state and zip code. DO NOT give a post office box number as our shipper can not deliver to a post office box. Also, please include your email address and a daytime phone number with area code where you can be reached in case of a problem.

  Our regular carriers are UPS Ground and Federal Express. We will ship via US postal Service upon request.

 International shipping is done through United States Postal Service. The calculated shipping and handling charges quoted on our shopping cart system are ONLY applicable to orders shipped within the 48 Continental United States. International orders including orders to Alaska and Hawaii will be billed the balance of all applicable shipping and handling charges to the buyers destination before shipment is made. Any prepaid shipping amounts will be credited against to the final shipping balance due.

 Because our ability to verify personal information to prevent fraudulent transactions on international sales is limited, we reserve the right to decline any order for any reason. As the buyer you are considered the "importer" for customs purposes. Therefore, you as the buyer/importer are responsible for paying all import duties, fees, tariffs and value added tax (VAT) on your shipment that may be due at the time of receipt of said shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: International purchases are totally upon the responsibility of the buyer/importer. Please be certain that this device and or products are NOT considered contraband in your country and that this device and or products is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction and or country. Your shipment could be seized or denied entry if it is considered contraband or does not comply with all applicable laws and regulations in your jurisdiction and or country. If it is seized or denied entry for any reason it is completely out of our control. We like to maintain a nice friendly cordial relationship with all the nice helpful folks at our local Customs and Border Protection Services Office and therefore are not inclined to create an international incident with your country's customs officials if your shipment is seized or denied entry. If your shipment is seized or denied entry, returned or if the delivery is refused for any reason, NO refunds of any kind will be given.

 Because of the nature of this device, we WILL NOT ship any merchandise unless proof of legal age is provided. In addition, a DIRECT signature will be required before the package will be released to you by our shipper.

 The Seller's only liability shall be to the original purchaser and shall be limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. All other warranties and damages either expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, being expressly waived by the Buyer and or User. Order cancellations are subject to a 20% cancellation fee. No representative of the Seller has authority to change this warranty in any manner whatsoever and it is expressly understood that no other warranty or representations whether oral or written, expressed or implied, except as above specified has been given the Buyer. Due to the variable conditions under which this device may be transported, stored, handled or used, the Seller expressly excludes any and all other warranties, guarantees, or representations whatever. The Buyer and or User assumes all risk for results expected and or obtained from the use of this device. In no event does the Seller assume any liability for any damages which the Buyer and or User may claim to have sustained by reason of the failure of this device to perform satisfactorily or by reason of the misuse of this device. Buyer and or User waives the benefit of any rule that disclaimer of warranty shall be construed liberally against the buyer and agrees that the disclaimers herein above shall be construed liberally against the Seller. This device is sold as a novelty item only. Except as above specified, no other warranties either expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise are given as to the merchantability of this device or that this device is fit for any purpose whatsoever.

 While our product line is rather unique, we also know that our products aren't for everybody. With this in mind, we want your experience in dealing with us to be easy and hassle free. We are courteous, friendly and discreet. Your merchandise is shipped in plain packaging with only our company initials and the return shipping address of our shipping agent on the box. We regard your privacy as sacred! In doing business with us you can rest assured that your personal information is held in strictest confidence. Your doing business with us is a decision based entirely upon you, the customer. We DO NOT solicit customers through mass e-mailings or e-mail spam. Nor will we pester you with spam e-mailings or further solicitations after you have chosen to do business with us. Our clients always initiate first contact. We DO NOT compile and sell mailing lists of our clientelle to any other companies and we DO NOT purchase names or mailing lists from any other companies!

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